2768 NW Bucklin Hill Rd, Silverdale, WA 98383

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Rivulet is a 78-unit multi-family development located in the heart of Silverdale, WA, the commercial hub of Kitsap County. The site is located within walking distance to a grocery store, pharmacy, YMCA, health care centers (VA clinic, new regional hospital), restaurants, mall, and local school district. This central location is close to the major employers of the County (PSNS, Bangor, St. Michaels) and provides nearby natural amenities that accentuate the property’s amenities.

Rivulet will be the newest rental community in the core of Silverdale, with the majority of older apartment communities (80s-90s garden-style construction) residing on the hilltops outside of the commercial core. With the continued growth in this market, in addition to the major investments in the school district & hospital (650M+), Rivulet’s unit type fulfills a much-needed gap in the market. Consisting mostly of efficient Open 1 Bedrooms and 1 Bed/1 Bath units, Rivulet has targeted a product type that is in high demand, but currently has low supply.