Source: Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
By: Tim Kelly
Posted: Apr 7, 2016

Sound West Group principal Wes Larson said his firm is “up to our gills” working on redevelopment plans for recently purchased buildings on a block of Fourth Street in downtown Bremerton. That’s in addition to the Spyglass Hill apartment building under construction by the Manette Bridge.

Still on the development firm’s to-do list is an affordable housing project at Sixth Street and Broadway in Bremerton. Larson said that project isn’t a priority right now, though he will be meeting with the Bremerton Housing Authority about future plans for the DL Cady Block, named for his great-grandfather who was mayor of Bremerton.

Meanwhile, Sound West Group is looking north as well. Plans for the Poulsbo Fjord apartments on the site of the former Poulsbo police station are in design review with the city; construction could start this fall or next spring. The active firm also is involved in its first potential project on Bainbridge Island, a multi-family housing development called Bainbridge Landing (see story, page 8).

“We think there’s incredible demand out there for apartments on the Kitsap Peninsula, and we’re trying to build as much as we can to meet that demand,” Larson said.

Sound West Group is a partner with Olympic Property Group on Bainbridge Landing.

“We have always been interested in Bainbridge, just have not been able to find the right project or the right partner,” Larson said. “We feel we have both in this case.”

Those projects notwithstanding, Larson emphasized that his hometown of Bremerton “is near and dear to our soul” and remains the primary focus of Sound West Group’s development efforts.

“We are expanding our footprint downtown, and looking to redevelop downtown into a cool residential area like Ballard or West Seattle, with a connection via ferry to downtown Seattle” he said.