Neven Vidas

Neven Vidas was born and raised in New York City and has been a partner and Principal in Sound West Group since 2010.

Neven graduated from New York University, Stern School of Business in 1986 after which he started his career in international and investment banking.  Neven and Principal Wes Larson met in the international banking circle in New York in the early nineties.

Neven started his own trading company in 1994, Madison International Group, Inc., and started investing in real estate with profits from his business shortly thereafter.

As Vice President of Business Development, he sources and promotes capital and investment opportunities for SWG, and works on behalf of SWG with partners ranging from Southern California to the Far East and Europe.

Neven lives in Laguna Beach, California, is fluent in Croatian and German languages, is an avid golfer, an accomplished musician and a fine wine collector.